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Our Story

With the power of Microsoft behind us, we’ve notched up decades of satisfied customers.​

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Since the 1990s, we’ve worked on building customized systems on established platforms to streamline our customers’ internal and external processes. This means a seamless process from start to finish for you and your company, leaving a positive impression on the end user.


Cartagena was established in the early years of the desktop PC. While Tina Turner is singing ‘Simply the Best’ on the radio, two guys in Bærum, just outside Oslo, are nursing the ambition to be just that. PCs and Windows are already becoming part of everyday life, and there is a growing need for training. Cartagena runs PC courses to make IT businesses more efficient.


Cartagena sees the opportunities in keeping accounts more efficiently and switches to supplying financial systems from Rubicon (later bought by Visma). Cartagena becomes a total provider offering services, servers and consultancy.


Microsoft Dynamics becomes a key part of the company’s offer. Cartagena strives to ensure customers have a robust and integrated system that can be adapted to how the customer works. This is particularly important now that the forestry industry accounts for a major part of the company’s customer base. Among other things, customers working in this area organize transport and logistics, and therefore need an effective CRM system to simplify all elements of the day-to-day business from the start to the final delivery. The company focuses on larger customers within logistics, forestry, retail and member organizations.


The integration solution now known as Cartagena Link is proof that Cartagena has built up niche expertise to be reckoned with. The solution was rebranded in 2014 as Cartagena Link – a ready-made integration solution between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE and ERP solutions. The world has become more digitalized, bringing greater technological demands. The company continues to work with large customers, including providing assistance in digitalization processes.


Today, Cartagena boasts top-level expertise within implementation, project management and administration. Among other things, we supply CRM systems with advanced functionality specially adapted to how the customer works. Migrating from local servers to the cloud is more important than ever. Customers and society are demanding a greater level of digital competence, which is one reason why the company is constantly evolving. We are currently experiencing good growth and a preference from several customers for integrated and seamless digital deliveries. By working closely with Microsoft, we are able to supply both niche products and high-quality ready-made components. Our skilled consultants assist our customers with product development, implementation and administration – everything from A to Z.

The common theme at Cartagena has always been using technology to make our customers more efficient. What this means changes over time and in line with technological developments. To consistently stay ahead, Cartagena therefore supplies market-leading products assembled to create efficient solutions.