Our Products

Our products

Cartagena have over the years built up standardized digital products.

How our products benefits your business

Cartagena have developed a set digital products that can be easily configured to your business

Cartagena Link

Cartagena Link makes it easy to configure the integration between Microsoft Dynamics and your ERP system

Cartagena LINK is a ready set of integration solutions between Microsoft Dynamics 365 several ERP systems. It streamlines your business by making financial information easily accessible. The solution is advanced, but at the same time flexible an easy to adapt to your organisation.

Cartagena Members

A modern membership system for organizations and associations

Organizations, clubs and societies are experiencing rapid change, with new requirements from members for personal dialog and support constantly emerging. To meet current requirements, there is now a demand for both self-service and automation for a number of services. All of this relies on a modern and flexible IT platform.

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