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all Members in one system, user friendly portal, integration with accounting systems
The modern membership system

Organizations, clubs and societies are experiencing rapid change, with new requirements from members for personal dialog and support constantly emerging. To meet current requirements, there is now a demand for both self-service and automation for a number of services. All of this relies on a modern and flexible IT platform. The solution is Microsoft Dynamics. Cartagena has worked with this platform since it was first launched in Norway. Complete solutions and simple adaptations allow for efficiency improvements to most processes in an organization.  


These pages contain detailed information on the potential improvements for your organization. You can also see and hear how choosing this system has helped our customers develop. 

Get started with our packages for member organizations: 


Member directory 
  • Member directory 
  • Email for marketing 
  • PowerBI reports for membership numbers 


Member portal 
  • Registration page with payment by card 
  • My page / Profile page 


Integration with accounting systems 
  • Transfer of orders/invoices to Visma Global or Visma.Net 
  • eInvoices and direct debits 
  • Financial reports 

Engage members 

Communicate with your members automatically or via specific campaigns. Get members and elected representatives more involved in the organization by using built-in email and text message capabilities.  


Manage more with less effort 

Automate more processes and manage more members more efficiently. 

Offer improved self-service functionality for members 


Adapt the member journey 

Smart use of data in the system provides members with a more customized and relevant customer experience. You can choose to automate the member journey or create your own campaigns.The system allows you to extend and adapt the member journey in line with market requirements. 


Simpler and automated payment 

Simplify registration by accepting payment by card or the mobile payment app VIPPS. 

Retain members with automatic monthly or annual payments. 

Integration with financial systems to simplify accounting. 


Want to know more? 

Contact us to learn more about how Cartagena has helped organizations to become more efficient, and to find out how we can help yours! 

Contact Sales Director Morten Fari on telephone no. +47 92600373 or emailmorten@cartagena.no. 


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